Today in Life Span Development we talked about normative and non-normative life events. What is a normative event you might be asking. Well, it is an event that happens to a large group of people. For example, going to school is normative event. On the other hand a non-normative event is when one person or a select few people experience something. An example of this is Squirrel skydiving:
Not many people get to do this. A it is expensive and B it is dangerous. 
We were asked to talk with our partners and share a non-normative life event. I was lost. What have I done in my life that the majority of others haven't experienced. I couldn't think of anything. I have led a pretty typical life. My family has gone on vacations to California, the Black Hills, Colorado, Duluth. I have gone to school, played an instrument, performed in school plays, participated in 4-H. What have I done in my life that the majority of others haven't experienced. 

I thought, "well I've gone to Nigeria but others have gone to Nigeria. Wait, we're in northwest Iowa where no one ever leaves. So my trip to Nigeria would be a Midwest non-normative." 

What if I hadn't of gone to Nigeria what else would've constituted as a non-normative life event. Nothing really. But don't get me wrong. My life thus far has been amazing. I don't think that our lives have to be filled with non-normative events just to make them interesting. Perhaps it is those boring events that everybody is involved in that brings us closer to our self-realization of who we are and what we are called to become. I believe that we all have a normative life event that defines who we are as individuals and that my friends is the gift of life that Jesus Christ gave us. 


09/01/2014 11:31am

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